3 JUNE 2019


How to communicate the socio-economic value of IP in policy debates?

We are delighted to announce the launch of the W@IP platform. W@IP embraces the values and objectives of the W@ platform. It aims to develop a community of women IP professionals active at EU and Belgian levels, providing an open space for women from all walks of professional life active in this field to exchange ideas and network. To start this conversation, our launch event will bring together a panel of women IP professionals representing policy-making, interest representation and practitioners' points of views. They will explore the recent developments in the policy debate over IP and how they impact the development of the IP legislative framework.

Our panellists will start by looking at the evolution of the political discourse around IP, observable tensions and the impact they have on our daily work. While it is generally accepted amongst IP professionals that intellectual/industrial property plays a critical role in the European economy, the value of IP is far from widely accepted in the policy debate. This tension was acutely illustrated by the heated “save the internet” polemic that dominated the EU Copyright Directive legislative process. 

They will then turn to recent legislative developments and how they are leading us to adjust our activities and practices. We will look at a series of concrete examples, such as the recent EU trademark package, exploring both how it may affect your work as a trademark attorney and implications of the new EU SPC manufacturing waiver.

The panel discussion will be followed by a Q&A session with the participants. A light lunch will be served.


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