Reform of business and company law – What will change for me?

Can my business keep its current legal form, or do I have to change it? Do I have to change the capital structure? Which board structure should I choose? Is this a good time for me to review the shareholder structure? What about directors’ liability and personal risk? How will this affect my business’s creditworthiness? Do I need to relocate my base of operations?

20 March 2019

The ‘Big Bang’ of Belgian company law is a fact. The rules governing companies are undergoing a far-reaching reform aimed at making them simpler, more modern and more flexible. That may sound good, but what exactly does it mean for business leaders? They will have to manage the associated adjustments and opportunities in practice, and are thus directly impacted by the changes.

The FPS Justice, Fednot, Graydon Belgium SA and the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB) have teamed up to produce this publication, which is intended to help entrepreneurs to take in the main innovations introduced by the reform and provides a clear overview of the key points to be borne in mind by entrepreneurs.

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