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It is vital for Belgian businesses whose activities are geared towards the European and global markets that their voice is heard within the bodies and organisations that hold sway at those levels. This task falls to FEB, whose staff participate actively in the work of numerous organisations and institutions, both European and international, and closely monitor the proposals they make.

FEB represents and defends the interests of Belgian sectoral federations and businesses in dealings with, among others, BUSINESSEUROPE (Confederation of European Business) and the EU institutions, in particular the European Commission, the Council and the European Parliament

European Commission and Parliament
Belgian Business for Europe
European Economic and Social Council
Benelux Council for Intellectual Property
European think tanks

BUSINESSEUROPE ( is the main organisation representing businesses at a European level. It encompasses over 40 national industry federations and employers from some 35 European countries, both EU and non-EU members, representing over 20 million small and large companies. It speaks on behalf of all businesses in dealings with the EU institutions. Its mission is to influence the decision-making process at European level, so that legislative proposals and policies affecting European companies take account of their needs and ideas. BUSINESSEUROPE is also a European social partner. Since the signing of the Treaty of Amsterdam, the European employers’ organisation is able to directly influence social policy decisions at EU level by negotiating agreements between the European social partners. BUSINESSEUROPE contributes to discussions on European issues and keeps its member federations up-to-date with developments in Europe. Each year it adopts around 100 position papers promoting the shared views of European business on issues of common interest. It focuses particular attention on the Europe 2020 Strategy – the successor to the Lisbon Strategy – aimed at boosting growth and competitiveness in Europe.

European Commission and Parliament FEB has extensive contacts with the European Commission ( and the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the European Union. It regularly invites European commissioners and Belgian diplomats within the EU to speak at its events. FEB closely monitors the work of the European Parliament – whose powers have increased substantially since the signing of the Lisbon Treaty– and defends its point of view to MEPs. Our federation defends the priorities and positions of businesses on topical European issues to Belgian authorities and administrations and communicates these positions to the various Council configurations – in particular the Competitiveness Council – and to the President of the European Council ahead of each European summit.

Belgian Business for Europe FEB coordinates the Belgian Business for Europe (BBE) network, which is co-chaired by Thomas Tindemans, Chairman of the Board, Hill+Knowlton Strategies. The network brings together representatives from both sectoral federations and businesses, Belgian diplomats, representatives of Belgium’s European commissioner, senior diplomats from the Permanent Representation and observers of the European Parliament’s activities.

European Economic and Social Council FEB is represented in the Employers’ Group of the European Economic and Social Council ( This committee is consulted on all significant initiatives emanating from the European Commission. It can also issue opinions on its own initiative.

VNO-NCW and FEDIL FEB closely monitors the work and initiatives of the Benelux Economic Union, whether it be specific collaborations coordinated by its secretariat or policy discussions ahead of Council of Ministers and European Council meetings. As part of this work, FEB liaises closely with its counterparts in the Netherlands (VNO-NCW) and Luxembourg (FEDIL).

Benelux Council for Intellectual Property FEB is a member of the Benelux Council for Intellectual Property, which makes recommendations and delivers opinions on intellectual property issues falling within the remit of the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP). BOIP is the official body tasked with registering trademarks and designs in the Benelux countries and is part of the Benelux Organisation for Intellectual Property, an international institution. Representatives from the three Benelux countries sit on the Council. Its mission is to ensure that all trademarks and designs in the Benelux countries are registered and that citizens know where, why and how to protect their intellectual property rights.

EuropeanIssuers FEB is a member of EuropeanIssuers via the Belgian Association of Listed Companies. Consisting of 15 organisations representing listed companies as well as some 40 Belgian, French, British, Dutch, German and Greek companies, among others, EuropeanIssuers has intervened with the European authorities on many occasions in connection with corporate governance, shareholder rights and auditing reform.

European think tanks FEB monitors the work of various European think tanks, including the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) and the European Policy Centre (EPC).

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An optimum business environment is vital for a sound economy and sustainable growth. FEB aims to help create and maintain such an environment by, among other things, closely monitoring all issues of direct relevance to businesses. Here, grouped into 17 themes, are the issues on which FEB focuses most of its attention and action.

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