ATTA is an umbrella non-profit association which represents most of the tourist attractions in Belgium through its members, the non-profit associations Attractions et Tourisme (for the French Community), Toeristische Attracties (for the Flemish Community) and Belgo­parks (for major amusement parks).

Tourist attractions
Head office
Place Saint Gery, 23 
1000 Bruxelles
Postal address
Walibi Belgium
Avenue de l’Europe 100 
1300 Wavre
T + 32 10 42 15 27
Yvan Moreau, Financial Manager
Hilde Ryken
Foundation date 
Total number of employees of member companies 
About 3.500

Hilde Ryken, President

ATTA aims to protect the trade interests of its members both nationally and internationally and to ensure that the creation and operation of tourist attractions are governed by clear, relevant and effective regulations, in particular with regard to social and welfare provisions, taxation, environmental concerns and safety. To this end, ATTA focuses its action on launching initiatives and establishing and developing contacts. ATTA represents more than 300 member companies in Belgium, which together run some 360 attractions, employ 3,500 people (full-time equivalents) and welcome more than 17,000,000 visitors each year. ATTA is also the sole representative of the employers in the Equal-Representation Committee for the tourist attraction industry.

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