The FEBIAC non-profit association works proactively to achieve a favourable and sustainable business environment for the motor vehicle and bicycle industries.

Belgian Federation of the Car and Two-wheeler Industries  
Boulevard de la Woluwe 46, bte 6 
1200 Bruxelles 
T + 32 2 778 64 00
Gabriel Goffoy
Director Communications & Motor Show
Freddy De Mulder
Chief Executive Officer  
Andreas Cremer
Foundation date  
1899. On 9/12/1938 changed in non-for-profit organization 

Freddy De Mulder, President
Andreas Cremer, Chief Executive Officer

• represents its membership vis-à-vis other stakeholders (policymakers and public authorities, employers' associations, the media, etc.) and takes part in the public debate on policies in different areas, including road safety, environmental protection, mobility and the economy; 
• pursues active promotion policies for the benefit of the sector and consumers, particularly by organising automotive and bicycle trade shows and fairs; 
• collects, processes, and disseminates statistical data on the motor vehicle and bicycle markets and the vehicles/bicycles in circulation; 
• acts as a forum and a networking and training platform; 
• liaises with international associations such as OICA, ACEA and ACEM.

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Business Issues

An optimum business environment is vital for a sound economy and sustainable growth. FEB aims to help create and maintain such an environment by, among other things, closely monitoring all issues of direct relevance to businesses. Here, grouped into 17 themes, are the issues on which FEB focuses most of its attention and action.

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