UGBN is the national association of the cleaning sector, which it represents in dealings with the public authorities, the trade unions, FEB and the European Federation of Cleaning Industries (EFCI).

General Union of the Belgian Cleaning Sector
Avenue des Nerviens 117, bte 67
1040 Bruxelles 
T + 32 2 732 13 42

Hilde Engels
T + 32 2 732 13 42
Yvan Fieremans
Chief Executive Officer
Hilde Engels
Foundation date
Total number of companies, member of the General Union 
Total number of employees of member companies

Yvan Fieremans, President
Hilde Engels , Chief Executive Officer

UGBN/ABSUN members are employers whose activities consist mainly or with a clearly distinct group of workers in cleaning activities for third parties.
The interior or exterior cleaning of movable or immovable property or installations (including ships), the cleaning of rolling or flying stock (wagons, buses, aircraft, etc.), the disinfection of movable or immovable property, window cleaning, chimney sweeping, waste removal, the operation of waste incineration plants and container parks, ....

The main tasks of the UGBN/ABSU are to:
• study the problems specific to the profession and find and promote the implementation of solutions that reflect economic requirements;
• uphold the rights of members, and analyse and protect their interests and those of their businesses;
• represent members in dealings with the public authorities and other trade associations, both in Belgium and beyond;
• negotiate on all kinds of issues relating to social or economic policies or that are of general interest to the cleaning profession.


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