Assuralia is the umbrella association of Belgian as well as foreign insurance and reinsurance companies operating in Belgium.

Belgian Insurance Association
Square de Meeûs 29  
1000 Bruxelles
T + 32 2 547 56 11
Hilde Vernaillen
Hein Lannoy
Foundation date 
82entreprises d’assurances
Total number of employees of insurance companies 
21.860 (on 31/12/2020)!/assuralia

Hilde Vernaillen, President
Hein Lannoy, CEO

The membership of Assuralia represents no less than 98% of premium income in Belgium. The association is organised in such a way as to involve all members in the studies and actions it carries out to promote the role of insurance companies in today's world.

Assuralia performs surveys on legal, fiscal, social and statistical aspects and manages conventions which enable its members to assess risks and serve customers more efficiently.

Assuralia draws up and upholds the sector's position on different issues vis-à-vis policymakers and within coordination and decision-making bodies. It engaged in permanent dialogue with numerous stakeholders, given the insurance sector's important role in protecting households and companies.

In the equal-representation social dialogue bodies, Assuralia is the SPOC of the employees' unions. Assuralia also acts as the spokesperson of insurance companies through press releases, publications and the websites and

Each year, INSERT, Assuralia's training centre, enables some 3.000 members of the profession to enhance and update their knowledge and skills.

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