The Sand Pits Group is the trade association of sandpit operators that supply natural, ground or calcined sand for applications in the construction industry (masonry, concrete, backfilling, etc.) and other industrial purposes (glass manufacturing, steelworks, refractory materials, ceramics, paints, plastics, chemical industry, etc.).

Sand Pits
Sand Pits Group
Plantin & Moretuslei 1A
2018 Antwerpen
T + 32 3 223 66 11
Cathy Blervacq
T + 32 14 83 72 11 
Cathy Blervacq
Foundation date
About 15 
Total number of employees of member companies 
About 500


Cathy Blervacq, Administrator

The Sand Pits Group represents surface-mining companies in Flanders and Wallonia.

The association's main tasks are to represent sandpit operators and protect their interests as entrepreneurs and employers, in particular in the following areas:
• land-use planning (area planning);
• the environment (sectoral regulations, etc.);
• road and inland waterway transport;
• occupational health and safety;
• collective bargaining agreements.

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