Fedustria is the Belgian federation of the textile, wood and furniture industries. It was born from the 2007 merger of FEBELTEX and FEBELBOIS.

Federation of the Textile, Wood and Furniture Industries
Allée Hof-ter-Vleest 5, boîte 1
1070 Bruxelles
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Poortakkerstraat 98
9051 Gent (Sint-Denijs-Westrem)
Jan Desmet
General Manager
Karla Basselier
General Manager associate
Filip De Jaeger
About 1.700
Total number of employees of member companies
About 36.000
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Facebook: fedustria

Jan Desmet, President
Karla Basselier, General Manager

Fedustria's priority is to maintain and strengthen industrial activities related to textiles, wood and furniture in our country. Fedustria has three main tasks: advocacy, service provision and information to member companies.

Fedustria represents about ten product groups, which can often be further subdivided into subgroups. For textiles: home textiles, technical textiles, clothing textiles, textile finishing (e.g. dyeing plants) and yarn production (spinning mills). For wood and furniture: furniture and seating, wooden panels, wooden construction elements, wooden packaging and various products such as playground equipment, picture frames, brushes, mirrors, etc.

In total, Fedustria represents around 1,850 production companies in the textile, wood and furniture industry, 90% of which are SMEs. Together they achieve a turnover of around EUR 10.2 billion and account for almost 40,000 direct jobs (2017 figures). About 70% of the turnover comes from exports.

Fedustria also represents the timber import trade (approx. 40 companies with approx. 600 jobs) with a turnover of around EUR 700 million.

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