How technology is improving customer service and efficiency

Technology and the financial world are like yin and yang. A range of new digital applications, often based on large-scale data processing and artificial intelligence, are currently stimulating innovation within the financial sector. However, the exchange and rapid dissemination of those innovations and the ways in which they make it possible to serve customers better, faster and more efficiently are just as important. This may have a major impact outside the financial sector, too.

This is the mission of the Belgian Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community, or BRIEC (, which FEB established in 2018 to break down barriers and foster inspiration between the academic and business worlds, between small and large companies, and between Belgium's three regions.

BRIEC sessions are high-end networking events where attendees discuss a number of innovation cases centred around a particular theme. Our event on Wednesday, 25 January will focus on innovative developments in Insurtech and Fintech.

This BRIEC session is an in-person event only; it will start at 2 p.m. and finish around 6 p.m.

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